Rocky Steele



   --------The Meeting-------- 

I was assigned to work a convention at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. I decided to fly into Washington National and visit with Fran's parents. They had not seen the kids or me for seven years. Jed was not in good health and he looked it. He asked me to step outside so we could talk. Once we were alone he said anxiously; "You know Scott, when you took off with Del and Dusty, I cursed you. I hated you for taking the kids away where we couldn't see them, but now I know you did the right thing, Fran has done some things......"  "Jed I don't want to talk about Fran. I did what I had to do. Del, Dusty and I deserved better than the life we were living."  "Well, I just wanted you to know that I understand why you left with the kids. I admire you for providing a good home for them."  "Thanks Jed, it took a lot of guts for you to say that." Jed and Luann took me back to Washington National, I caught the shuttle flight to New York City.




"You know Hon, I just can't figure it out."  "What do you mean?"  She had the sexiest Texas drawl.  "Well, when Katy was a youngster she was so nice to have around, she was so loveable and joyful, just like a cute pup."  "I know Roy, it just doesn't seem fair now after the way you took such good care of her when she needed you as a child."  "Yeah but she sure seems to have some kind of idea that she has to win. You know, with people, career, material things. Why do you reckon all that's so damn important to her now?"  Eileen took a sip of her drink, looked up at the ceiling for a moment, then directly at me. Then she spoke quietly but with an amazing insight I knew she had;  "I must tell you Roy,  "Puppies don't hunt but big dogs do !" 




The Cajun And The Yankee

"It Don't Get No Better Than This"

I gently took her by the hands and sort of pulled her up with me as I stood. We were face to face, well not really, she was so tiny. Anyway we were facing each other. I gathered her in and hugged her. She put her arms around my waist. I could feel the warmth of her slender body, I could smell her, I kissed her and she cooperated willingly, the whole experience was rather surreal. She finally backed up just a little and whispered; "Is that a gun I feel under your jacket or are you just glad to see me?"  I looked at her full in the face, she smiled and winked. We both broke into laughter. This was a day, I told myself, a day to remember, and I would.